Rainy Days in Kathmandu

Many might think that a rainy day and a good travel experience are in no way synonymous with each other albeit trust me you can still have a whole lot of fun even when the sky is a dirty blue and the churlish clouds are spiting down enormous globules of raindrops. Pack your rain gear and get exploring the following places in a rainy day at Kathmandu:

Syambhunath Temple, Kathmandu
Rupa Lake, Pokhara
Siddha Cave, Tanahu

Hop by a museum

What better way to keep yourself from getting soaked and increasing your knowledge about Nepali history and art than to visit a museum. Kathmandu has a plentitude of museums you can choose from all of which will make you more acquainted with Nepali culture and way of life. Here is a concise list of museums you can have an enjoyable visit to:

National Museum

Formally named in the year 1967, the national museum is not only the oldest museum of Nepal but also a historical symbol for all Nepalese. This museum was initially used as a repository and held private weapons of the Royal Family and the Rana prime ministers. The museum consists of three main foundations- the historical gallery, the art gallery, and the Buddha art gallery. All three buildings are unique in design and form; the first closely exemplifies French architecture and the latter two represent Buddhist culture and heritage.

Patan Museum

Housed in the medieval courtyard of Patan Durbar, the Patan museum holds some of Nepal’s most priceless and antique artifacts. Here, one can see the varied collection of antiquities uniquely laid out in rooms made out of brick and timber.

Do not forget to climb up to the top floor as it holds a remarkable picture-collection, depicting the 19th century Patan. The Patan museum hence provides a splendid opportunity to acquire profound knowledge about Nepalese Architecture and discern an array of age-old Nepali artifacts.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Pondering about where and how the Nepalese royalty lived? Pay a visit to the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, which is just a four-minute walk from Hotel Yak and Yeti. The palace consists of 52 rooms (each of which are cleverly named after the districts of Nepal), albeit only 19 are open for the public eye. One cannot deny that this museum visit is going be somewhat of an eerie experience -thanks to murder conspiracies based on The Royal Massacre or the walls with conspicuous bullet holes which serve as their morbid testimony.

Indulge in delectable culinary delights

Travelling is and should be composed of exploring new landscapes and cultural heritages. However, lazing your day enjoying ambrosial food while listening to the calming sounds of the rain is a totally underrated travel experience; especially when the weather outside is foul. The Chimney and Spice Room are two exquisite and exclusive eateries inside Yak and Yeti both ever ready to fulfill your food cravings. The former is the perfect fusion of contemporary and traditional when it comes to both the ambiance and the food. From scrumptious entrees to mouthwatering deserts, The Chimney offers you a plethora of appetizing food.

Set in the midst of a peaceful garden, the latter is as an exemplar of a chic fine dine. It is the perfect eatery for indulging in flavorful Indian kebabs and curries prepared using the finest spices and herbs. Whether you choose to relish authentic samosas and chats or immerse in the world of Indian frozen treats, The Spice Room will not disappoint you. Ergo here, you can sit with your favorite paperback beside one of the big glass windows overlooking the garden and watch the rainfall ,all while enjoying a plate of your desired comfort food.

Get active and get those calories burning

You might be tempted to spend the day sleeping to the soothing sound of the rain but a rainy day is a great time to hop into exercise mode only because the atmosphere is cool and calming. There are plenty of futsal fields and some squash courts around Kathmandu and Lalitpur where you can enjoy a quick game and sweat some calories out. Besides you can also go wall climbing in Thamel as it is a great way to stretch your muscles and increase your flexibility. Hotel Yak and Yeti too has an impressive fitness facility , along with a clay tennis court and swimming pool, open to all guests. The fitness center is accoutered with modern equipment and weights, providing you with an opportunity to have a satisfying workout session. What’s even more enticing is that you can give yourself a spa treat after an intense workout as Yak and Yeti’s sumptuous spa offers relaxing herbal steams and rejuvenating massages.

Next time you see dark swollen clouds ready to shower the valley with rain do not feel disappointed or let down as you will still get to explore, learn, and have an indelible time. However, you must carry a breathable rain gear along with quality waterproof footwear in order to have a happy, yet safe travel experience.

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